Miranda Moon

Miranda Moon is a rewilding home school Mama of 3 super bright kindred spirits, who so happen to be the heart♡center of her life’s work .

She is a plant-medicine woman who has studied herbalism since 2011 with elders, teachers,  mentors and knowledgable friends-of-the-old-ways in folk and clinical traditions,  with an emphasis on foraging.

Miranda is also a fire-fusion bellydance artist. She’s trained and performed sacred bellydance ceremony in Wisconsin and around the Great Lakes region since 2008 and has collaborated with groups such as Boheme Tribal Bellydance (Kalamazoo, MI), Mid-East by Midwest, Driftless Fire Tribe, CONJUCT, Muse of Sekhmet (WI) and internationally  acclaimed band, Rising Appalachia.

Currently, she continues to deepen her relationship to medicine-mediums of  botany, music, dance, communication and creation of all crafty kinds as she simultaneously passes those traditions down to her kin.