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Moondance WildCraft Herbals are always made with high quality organic, local and ethically wildcrafted botanical ingredients from the heart of fertile, South Central Wisconsin. Though certain ingredients in some of my herbal products, such as coconut oil, may need to be supplied from long distances, the products I buy are researched to help assure the suppliers maintain integral fair-trade and ecological standards in their practices.

In the state of the world today, there is ever growing concern about the impact us humans are leaving on our Earth, our communities and our health. MoonDance WildCraft Herbals is a commitment to living simply, lightly and in harmony with the land, it’s plants and critters, and each other. I have made a little key to help folks demystify the quality and origins of ingredients contained inside of my products:   

 ¤ = wildcrafted    * = organic     ° = local


In stock:

Gentle Lemon Balm Balm

4 oz/ $16.00 USD

Calming & gentle enough for use in baby massage.  Soothing, rich moisture for use by the whole family, from head to toe. Anti-inflammation, anti-viral and and anti-microbial properties.

 Ingredients: coconut oil*, lemon Balm infused olive oil¤*, beeswax°, lemon Balm alcohol extract¤, essential oil of lavender*



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Tea Blends
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Motherwort, Lions Heart (Leonurus cardiaca)